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Online Payroll Professional (OPP)

Why buy the whole suite while you need only few features to process your company's payroll? That is why our R&D department decided to undertake the development of Online Payroll Professional (OPP)  to give companies the flexibility and affordability. Using the same features as Payroll Professional, OPP gives managers a chance to pick and choose on what features really matter to them and reports that are critical to their company.

Managers can pay for what they need, allowing them to cut down on unnecessary overheads and costs as a result of buying a full payroll package comprising features that they can't fully utilize. However, with OPP managers can choose what package licence (Gold, Silver and Broze), they require and within each package a further choice of Basic, Professional or Enterprise Payroll suites can be made.  


The Payroll suites for OPP come with a fixed cost per head as well as pre-defined features and reports. In case there is a need for more features and reports, managers are offered with flexibility to add more using checkboxes.  With a very easy to use interface, managers can choose what features and reports are important to them, and a total amount to be paid will be processed.

Companies can make payment via mobile money using DataVision M-Pesa Business Number (400700). Upon Payment, OPP gives the user a span of one month to utilize the package. 

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