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KadiPap Card System is an overall card management and card Issuing system for a range of sectors such as Financial Institutions, Retail Chains, Social Security Funds, Health Facilities and many more.

The KadiPap system is designed to minimize the Card Issuing process to minimal by enabling the cards to be personalized instantly/ on the field. The system can be used for a range of card such as EMV Financial Cards, Smart Cards, Membership Card, Loyalty Cards and many more.

Enabling our clients to offer their clients cards instantly - Our KadiPap increases an institution’s overall performance and achieves a higher level of customer retention. The system is designed to work in both Stand-Alone and integrated to a central system for automated data flows allowing instant updates in real time.



Easy to use
Easily integrated to existing systems
Multiple users capability
Integrated SMS/ Email Notification tool
Informative graphical, tabular report
In-built batch allocation capability



Cutting Costs from minimal Card Issuing process
Saves time on all Card Issuing levels
Accurate decision making and forecasting
Maximum control on the overall card issuance process
Enhanced division of labor to achieve high efficiency

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