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goMobile is an online mobile platform that offers a unique service package aiming at boosting a business performance by effectively removing the time and space limitations between the business brand and the potential clients.

goMobile provides a business with the power to effectively and efficiently communicate with your database of clients in a quick manner ensuring the delivery of your message to the interested groups. goMobile is  ideal for campaigns, periodic events, projects and clientele database collection approaches.


goMobile package offers the following services: Votex, B-Day Shooter, SMS Maoni, Lottery and SMS Live. One or a combination of these messaging tools depending on your business requirements/ objectives can effectively boost your business performance and keep your brand on people’s minds. Also Depending on the objectives or business case, the brand can interact with the audience using a short-code or a Long-code (GSM phone number).

goMobile package is designed to be used by a range of business entities with different objectives. goMobile Package can give a business a unique competitive edge to manage and effectively communicate with the subscribers using their mobile devices. Depending on your business objectives and projections, our consultants can advise you on services to profitably deploy goMobile within your budget.




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