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DataVision Omnibus Survey (DOS)

DataVision Omnibus Survey (DOS) is a survey method of quantitative research where data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview (either face-to-face, online or by telephone). This approach allows a range of clients to share cost on undertaking the survey.

During DOS, each client gets a chance to get his questionnaire feedbacks from the sample size with added demographic and Socio-economic criteria. With the tight budgets faced by institutions, DOS is the best option which can provide you with reliable data for sustainable decisions, plans and interventions.

DOS involves a client purchasing a specified number of questions based on their requirements at a far less price compared to conducting their own survey which is going to include more overheads. DOS is capable of conducting an interview for companied from diversified verticals.

The typs of DOS conducted by DataVision are:

m-DOS™  is a powerful tool that allows you to reach Tanzanian mobile users at an affordable cost straight to their mobile devices. With the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices in developing countries, only m-DOS™ can assure you to reach your target audience with your specific demographic and socio-economic attributes.

Nationwide-DOS allows institutions to get feedback on the questions that can assist them in making informed decisions, gauge product/service awareness, public opinions and other related issues. Monthly our team of enumerators goes to all regions in Tanzania to undertake Tablet Assisted Data Collection for various companies/ institutions with each company receives their unique survey.

e-DOS™  allows companies to undertake online Omnibus Surveys to their criteria-based sample according to demographical and socio-economical variables.

Applications of DOS

  • Marketing Survey
  • Product/ Service Perception survey
  • Opinion Polls
  • Testing Marketing Campaigns
  • Market share estimation
  • Gauging brand usage and awareness



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