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Through the R&D initiatives meant to enhance the overall operations and business processes, DataVision has established a Data Call Centre which facilitates the collection of data from intnded audience using an integrated mobile technology.

With the need of manager and CEOs having th right information at their finger tips, Data Call Centre has proven to be the most reliable third part solution which can offer unbiased and the naked truth to what you need to know. Composed by a team of experts, DataVision ensures that you get to know exactly what you want by assisting your company in creationg Questonnaire (s) which mostly reflect hat you need to know.

Click here to know more about Data Call Centre and its capability to make your company reach its potential by assisting your planning, forecasting and decision making process.

Below are some of the few reason why you would need access to quick and reliable data using Data Call Centre:

Monitoring and Evaluation of Service/ Product Delivery
Sales and Marketing Analysis
Promotion and Campaign Analysis
Exit and Opinion Polls
Product/ Service Perception

Market Share Estimation


Availability of Real Time Data
Enables timely planning and decision making
Cost Effectiveness (Reduce Costs by Almost 50%)
Creation of Corporate Image
Enhance Relationship with Customers/Stakeholders

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