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Canteen Management System

Canteen Management System (CMS) provides the administrative assistance in management of the complexities involved in handling the employees/ staff food facility.

As many organizations are faced by difficulty in estimating the trend which can help in maintaining production cost and enabling to predict the process throughput time. However with CMS, the dining facility operations can be made simple, with an easy-to-use interface that provides useful reports on a daily basis. CMS can help companies to serve a large number of users/ employees in a short period of time, increasing the performance by a substantial margin.

CMS comes with integrated POS terminals which capture user logs from MIFARE/RFID card up to 9999 instances and then pushes the logs to servers. The terminals can be located according to the specific canteen arrangement. IP addresses through WiFi or SIM card are the options used to address the POS.

By eliminating paper vouchers and using MIFARE/ RFID cards, CMS eliminates tedious paperwork and reduction of printing expenses.



User friendly interface
RFID/ MIFARE Card Integrated
Daily, Weekly and Monthly log reports
Payroll integrated




Paperless operations (Less tedious)

Useful Managerial, Financial and Operational reports 
Minimizing operational overheads
CMS can be deployed as a time attendance tool
Assists efficient resource management (Reduction of Food Wastage)




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