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The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) playground in the new economy is characterized by a broad range of challenges and dynamics. Hence, it is no longer an option for institutions to continually audit their operations, which include business process improvement and setting up more core-focused, realistic and far reaching strategies meant to facilitate the achievement of the highly desired competitive advantage.


It is for those reasons that DataVision International has always remained proactive in offering user-driven consulting services to enable clients improve their business processes. Our services mainly focus on adding planning, decision making and knowledge creation.


For over a decade now, DataVision International has accomplished multi-subject consultancies for customers ranging from Government ministries, departments and agencies, International Organizations, Banking, MFIs and financial institutions, private companies to mention a few.


These assignments, which are of ranging magnitude and complexities, have played an imperative role in our process of creating a unique track record of performance.


This, not only demonstrates our practical competence and experience, but it also gives us an undoubted ability to implement solutions in a way that ensures customer satisfaction and meets their expectations.


We work with a "Customer First, Open Mind" philosophy. This relates to our implementation process which makes our clients an integral part of the project to ensure effective capacity building and transfer of the deliverables.


Welcome to DataVision International, where Experience, Knowledge, Expertise and Integrity collide.


Mwaijonga, G MacLeans

Chief Executive Officer

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